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hubergroup is one of the largest and oldest ink manufacturers in the world. Hubergroup has been in the ink manufacturing business for over 250 years and carries a full line of ink products to fit any printers needs. Hubergroup is one of the only ink manufacturers that produces a large percentage of the raw materials used in their ink. This allows them to control the variables going into their ink to consistently deliver high quality products to each printer no matter their application.

Preferred Ink Products works with hubergroup to offer process series and Pantone® ink for applications including:

  • Conventional Sheetfed
  • UV Paper and Plastic
  • LED
  • HUV
  • Heat Set

Please contact a Preferred Ink Products representative to find the hubergroup ink series that will best fit your needs.

Van Son Holland/T&K Toka USA

Van Son Holland Ink is a subsidiary of T&K Toka which is one of the worlds top ink manufacturers. Together they offer leading technology in the commercial sheetfed and UV sheetfed ink markets.

Preferred Ink Products offers process series and Pantone® applications for:

  • Conventional Sheetfed
  • UV Paper and Plastic
  • LED
  • HUV

Please contact a Preferred Ink Products representative to find the best Van Son ink series that will best fit your needs.

Direct Ink

Direct Ink is a conventional sheetfed only ink made in South Korea. This ink series achieves quality effects and is designed to minimize environmental pollution and improve the working environment of the pressroom. Direct Ink is designed to work with various papers to achieve the highest quality results on today’s presses. Direct Ink is certified by the American Soybean Association to offer a quality product at an economical price.

Preferred Ink Products offers the MCS four color process series of Direct Ink for increased rub protection in the bindry.

Eckart Metallics

Eckart is a leader in metallic ink manufacturing. Eckart offers offset oil-based ink formulations produced from the highest quality pigments. Using these pigments, Eckart can offer tremendously high sheen metallics that are press friendly. These metallic inks are also laser compatible, hot foil stampable and aqueous or uv coatable.

Eckart products offered by Preferred Ink Products include:

  • Conventional Sheetfed Metallics
  • UV/LED/HUV Application Metallics
  • Pearlescent Powders for ink, varnishes and coating


Actega is a leading manufacturer of specialty coatings and chemicals for the graphics arts industry. The combination of quality and technical support from Actega and Preferred Ink Products help provide the best products to our customers. This technical support allows us the ability to match the proper coatings to the customers specific specifications.

Preferred Ink Products currently serves as the Minnesota warehouse for Actega coatings and fountain solutions. Serving as the local warehouse allows Preferred Ink the ability to provide customers with a quick turn-around to fulfill their needs. Actega coating options provided by Preferred Ink Products include:

Various aqueous and uv coatings to fit any press application ranging from high-gloss to matte coatings:

  • Work-and-Turn options
  • Primer Coatings
  • Ink train coatings for offset presses

Actega also has a full line of specialty coatings and varnishes offered by Preferred Ink Products that include:

  • Soft touch aqueous and UV applications
  • Strike-through varnishes
  • Writeable coatings
  • Blister coatings
  • Glueable coatings
  • Stampable coatings
  • Dry erase coatings
  • MotionCoat
  • Tactile coatings
  • Offline UV coating applications

Please contact a Preferred Ink Products representative to discuss the best options for your coating needs.


Preferred Ink Products works with Actega to provide our customers with the best fountain solutions available. Actega manufactures a full range of both sheet fed and web fountain solutions and alcohol replacements for high quality commercial work, labels and folding cartons. Actega has specific formulations for all different press types to maximize ink and water balance on press.

Please contact a Preferred Ink Products representative to discuss your specific needs regarding fountain solution and your application.


Preferred Ink Products has a full line of press washes and cleaning solutions for offset sheet fed and web applications. Whether using conventional or low-VOC solvents, Preferred Ink Products supplies our customers with the right solution for your cleaning needs.

Products in our wash line include:

  • Metering roller cleaners
  • Aqueous and UV coating cleaners
  • Blanket and roller washes
  • Parts washes


Preferred Ink Products is a full pressroom supplier. Below is a list of other pressroom products that are offered by Preferred Ink Products.

If there is something in your pressroom that you don’t see on the list, please contact Preferred Ink to see if we can get it:

  • Blankets
  • Suckers
  • Gloves
  • Filters
  • Sponges
  • Plate cleaners and preservatives
  • Deletion pens
  • Cotton pads
  • Scrubs-in-a-Bucket
  • Hand cleaners
  • Super Blues
  • Gem-Kote rolls
  • Ink tray liners
  • Automatic Blanket cleaning cloths
  • Silvermaster products
  • Glass cleaner and silicone spray
  • Anti-Skin spray
  • Spray powders
  • Tapes
  • Press packing paper