Lab Capabilities

Preferred Ink Products’ laboratory is the backbone of our ink business. We have three employees with over 55 years of experience in the lab to ensure that our customers get the best product possible. Every batch of ink that is made in our facility is quality checked for color and has a retained sample taken to ensure batch-to-batch consistency so the color you ordered six months ago matches the color you ordered today.

Color Matching

Our lab also performs computerized color matching using an X-Rite Color Spectrophotometer. Our color matches are made to a tolerance of less than 1.00 Delta E, and we’ll provide draw downs at our customers’ request to ensure the color that they receive will be the color that they want to achieve on press.

Download a draw down request form for you special ink needs.

Our lab also performs other tasks to provide the best quality products to our customers including:

  • Dry tests on various substrates
  • Rub tests on various substrates
  • Supply ink and water emulsification tests
  • Custom formulations of ink to fit our customers’ specific job needs